Master Your First Handstand in 21 Days!

This program will help you to:

✅ Perform the Handstand Without a Wall
✅ Overcome Your Fear
✅ Master the Technique of Entering the Handstand
✅ Strengthen Shoulders and Core Muscles
✅ Improve Coordination, Balance, and Stabilization
✅ Have Fun: Enjoy the process

☀️ Designed by a Cirque du Soleil Artist, Exclusively for You. Use it.


Good for:

🙃 Yoga, Gymnastics, Workout, CrossFit Lovers
🦹 Circus Art Enthusiasts
🥷 Athletes interested in incorporating gymnastics into their training
🦸‍♂️ Sports Aficionados
🧒 Energetic kids with parents



🟧 Fitness Evaluation
🟧 21 Practical Sessions
🟧 100+ Explanation Videos
🟧 Live Feedback
🟧 Winner's Certificate


🎁 Virtual Coach System
🎁 Downloadable PDF Program
🎁 Mobile App
☝️ One Time Payment
🔓 Lifetime Access
⛑ Money-Back Guarantee
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Clients' Results:

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Who recommends us:

I don’t like to shout about my successes, but I can’t afford it yet

Liliya Podkopayeva

🥇 Olympic Champion 3x Medalist
🥇 World Champion 5x Medalists
🥇 European Champion 10x Medalists

Everything is clear and easy for understanding. Important physical and technical points have been taken into account. I am sure that anyone who wants to use the program from Oleksiy Kononov will be able to achieve a good result.

Slava Medvedenko

🥇 NBA champion 2001 | 2002 Los Angeles Lakers

Gymnastics can be different, but it is definitely useful.

Kononov makes the boring process very interesting, for which I personally respect 👍

Do not be lazy! Workout , run, stretch - it allows you to keep fit and strengthen your health.

I recommend Oleksiy Kononov as a class online coach: safe, affordable, high quality

Oksana Orobets


Once again, Kononov is surprised at how detailed each stage of the program is.

Having walked the path in 6 weeks, you will prepare your body physically, master important technical points, and overcome fear.

The program includes a huge number of leading exercises, which makes the learning process safe and interesting. For me personally, this is an important criterion for a cool training program. I recommend!

▶️ Start Your Handstand Journey Today

😳 Have a lot of fears?

Do you think that handstand is too difficult for you?

🦶 Don't know how to make a first step?

Are you confused about the recommendations of bloggers? Are you looking for a clear step-by-step approach?

😰 Have a lot of doubts?

Are you looking for excuses? Are you trying to start and then lose motivation and everyday you spend energy fighting doubts?

🫠  Your motivation extremely decreases?

Can't find a powerful push (inspiration) to get started? No active environment? No support?

I understand you and ready to help.

© Kononov Oleksiy


After completing the Handstand Challenge, you will be able to do:

✅ Candlestick Position:

Learn how to smoothly transition from a sit position to a candlestick, building the foundational strength and body control required for handstands.

✅ Handstand Position:

Improve your technique, which not only contributes to a healthy practice but also enhances the visual appeal for capturing stunning photos on Instagram.

✅ Kick-Ups to Handstand:

Learn the dynamic skill of kick-ups, propelling yourself into a handstand position with power and precision.

✅ Handstand without the Wall:

Gain the confidence and ability to perform freestanding handstands, no longer relying on a wall for support.

The Handstand Challenge is not a magic pill, it's a hard training camp

© Kononov Oleksiy


As an additional bonus

for completing the Handstand Challenge, you'll also enjoy these transformative benefits:

🤸 Improved Flexibility:

Enhance your overall flexibility as you work towards mastering handstands, increasing your range of motion and joint mobility.

🧘 Enhanced Body Awareness:

Develop a heightened sense of body awareness and proprioception, allowing you to better understand and control your body in space.

🔋 Increased Energy and Vitality: 

Experience a surge of energy and vitality as you engage your entire body in the exhilarating practice of handstands.

💪 Strengthened Upper Body:

Build strong and sculpted upper body muscles, including your arms, shoulders, and chest, achieving a balanced and toned physique.

😌 Reduced Stress and Anxiety:

Find relief from daily stress and anxiety through the meditative and mindful aspects of handstand practice, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

😎 Boosted Self-Esteem:

Gain a powerful boost in self-esteem and self-confidence as you accomplish challenging handstand milestones and witness your progress.

🎮 Enhanced Body Control:

Improve overall body control, coordination, and proprioception, resulting in more fluid and graceful movements in all aspects of your life.

🪢 Heightened Mind-Body Connection:

Develop a stronger mind-body connection as you align your physical movements with your mental focus and intention, creating a harmonious synergy.

😮 Surpassing Personal Limits:

Push beyond your perceived limits and discover the exhilarating feeling of achieving what you once thought was impossible.

The program is 100% suitable for workouts at home

© Kononov Oleksiy


What exactly you will get:


From simple to complex



Get Measurable, Concrete Results



Guiding You to Results



Clear Visual Guidance



Track Your Progress Effortlessly



Connect with Like-Minded Individuals for Inspiration and Support


Kononov Oleksiy

Gymnast | Cirque du Soleil Artist

Hi, I’m Oleksiy Kononov — a Ukrainian athlete and Cirque de Soleil artist. My profession is to do incredible stunts, reminding myself and others that human possibilities are endless. My mission is to engage as many people as possible in the world of gymnastics. Because I believe that gymnastics brings energy, and energetic people change the world for the better.


⏳ 657 820

...I spent hours in the gym, to learn how to control the body...

🎪 1927

...times I have performed on Cirque du Soleil stage in Alegria Show...

😎 18 927

...people went through my training programs...

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Kononov Team Values:

Improve health and sports skills with fun

☘️ Health

Main value, top priority

💪 Progress

Every move opens up new possibilities

😊 Pleasure

New features give a lot of fun

The Principles of the Kononov Team:

Action speaks louder than words. Results are determined by completed workouts, sets, and repetitions.

🎯 Focus

One training program and one specific goal to achieve maximum results

📶 Progression

Step by step, from simple to complex.

🆕 Adaptation

Each new exercise provokes the body to become stronger

▶️ Practice Makes Progress

Preparation exercises work, words No

📈 Track Progress

Every step must leave a mark

🧘‍♂️ Recovery Respect

Recovery is an important part of the results


Choose your preferred format and enjoy the following benefits:

🔁 MEMBERSHIP kononov club


for Kononov Club members

✅ All Kononov Challenges
✅ Full Body Fitness Evaluation
✅ New Challenges Updates Every Month

✅ Roadmap to Long-term Results
✅ Private Community

🔁 Recurring payment
⛑️ Money-back guarantee


1️⃣ GROUP experience


I will help you in group chat

✅ Fitness Evaluation
✅ 21 practical session
✅ 100+ Explanation Videos
✅ Live feedback in Group Chat
✅ Winner's Certificate

🎁 Virtual Coach System
🎁 Downloadable PDF Program
🎁 Mobile App

☝️ One-Time Payment
🔐 Lifetime access
⛑ Money-back guarantee


2️⃣ PRIVATE experience


I will help you in private chat

✅ all from GROUP experience package
❇️ Live feedback in Private Chat
❇️ Program adaptation to your progress level

🟧 Limited Availability: Only 10 Spots Left.

☝️ One-Time Payment
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3️⃣ COACHING experience


I will help you in zoom

✅ all from PRIVATE experience package
❇️ 3 Zoom Coaching Sessions with Kononov (30 min)

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Get results or your money back.
© Kononov Oleksiy


⌚️ Time

I value mine and your time. If you understand that the program is not for you, you can stop at any time

💰 Money

I value my own and other people's money. If you understand that the price of the program is more than the value, I will return the money without question

🧡 Relations

The most important thing for me is a relationship that is based on mutual respect and benefit. I'll do my best to make you feel it

FAQ: Your Questions Answered:

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So what are you waiting for?
Grab the Secrets of a Cirque de Soleil Artist to Become Stronger & More Flexible!

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Take Your Handstand Skills to the Next Level in Just 21 Days.

This program will help you to:

✅ Master the Art of Dismounting from Handstand
✅ Perfect Freestanding Handstands with Confidence
✅ Improve Your Technique for Perfect Line
✅ Boost Coordination, Balance, and Stability
✅ Crush Your Doubts and Build Unstoppable Confidence
✅ Enjoy the Thrill of Progress and Achievements

☀️ Designed by a Cirque du Soleil Artist, Exclusively for You. Use it.

I Want This Challenge


Master Your Press Handstand in 21 Days.

This program will help you to:

✅ Perform the press handstand
✅ Master the technique of the press handstand
✅ Overcome your fear
✅ Make your body stronger
✅ Improve body balance and stabilization
✅ Improve coordination

☀️ Designed by a Cirque du Soleil Artist, specifically for you. Use it.

I Want This Challenge